Small bowls

Wheel-thrown natural clay body finished with a glassy crackle glaze on the inner surface.

Color: sandy exterior, turquoise inner glaze.
Size: 22cm x 4cm (8.6in x 1.6in)
Material: Natural clay stoneware (unglazed exterior)
Surface: Smooth
Process: Wheel-thrown, turned, and glazed.


My ceramics are made slowly, by hand, and may vary slightly in size, shape, and finish. Each piece is wheel-thrown, hand-turned, fired, glazed, and refired over several weeks.

Studio Tokidoki is an independent creative endeavor exploring art, design, and handmade ceramics.

Founded in 2020 in Tokyo by Ashley Ma, a designer and artist now based in San Francisco. Studio Tokidoki is a way for me to dip into art, function, time, and care — to explore meaning, patience, and new materials, while making things people can use easily.


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